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squisher: Get rid of it.

The pngcrush tool does not add any noticeable value any more, such that it justifies the extra build time: 240MB vs 238MB.
The build.prop changes are now no ops, since the key for no longer exists.
Changing the from eng to user is also a no op, since CM is now userdebug.
Deleting bins is also unncessary now.
Stripping modules is also unnecessary now. (plenty of space)

At this point, I think we can just symlink $OUTFILE to $OTAPACKAGE, and not even bother
with a copy.

Change-Id: I431ac6425dedb6cd02eb2d31fc9ff82b49df9f50
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koush committed Dec 22, 2012
1 parent 129989b commit 6ed2e1b1cd96c60415ba7db05f3fac7c26e36893
Showing with 5 additions and 73 deletions.
  1. +5 −73 tools/squisher
@@ -30,81 +30,13 @@ if [ ! -f "$OTAPACKAGE" ]; then
exit 1
-DELETE_BINS="applypatch applypatch_static check_prereq recovery updater"
-printf "Sanitizing environment..."
-rm -rf $REPACK
-mkdir -p $REPACK
-# Unpack the otapackage and opticharge all apks
-mkdir $REPACK/ota
-cd $REPACK/ota
-printf "Unpacking $OTAPACKAGE..."
-# Move all apks to the same directory so xargs can
-# use also with framework-res.apk. This allow process
-# framework-res.apk in parallel with other apks
-mkdir -p $REPACK/parallel
-cd $REPACK/parallel
-cp $REPACK/ota/system/framework/framework-res.apk .
-cp $REPACK/ota/system/app/*.apk .
-# Do optimization in parallel
-find ./ -name \*.apk | $XARGS $OPTICHARGER
-# Move optimized apks to repack directory
-mv -f $REPACK/parallel/framework-res.apk $REPACK/ota/system/framework/framework-res.apk
-mv -f $REPACK/parallel/*.apk $REPACK/ota/system/app/
-# Return to directory
-cd $REPACK/ota
-rm -rf $REPACK/parallel
-# Fix build.prop
-$SED -i \
- -e '/ro\.kernel\.android\.checkjni/d' \
- -e '/ro\.build\.type/s/eng/user/' \
- $REPACK/ota/system/build.prop
-# Delete unnecessary binaries
-( cd $REPACK/ota/system/bin; echo $DELETE_BINS | xargs rm -f; )
-# No need for recovery
-rm -rf $REPACK/ota/recovery
-# Strip modules
-[ -d $REPACK/ota/system/lib/modules ] && \
- find $REPACK/ota/system/lib/modules -name "*.ko" -print0 | xargs -0 arm-eabi-strip --strip-unneeded
-# Determine what to name the new signed package
-MODVERSION=`sed -n -e'/ro\.cm\.version/s/^.*=//p' $REPACK/ota/system/build.prop`
+# Determine what to name the new package
+MODVERSION=`sed -n -e'/ro\.cm\.version/s/^.*=//p' $OUT/system/build.prop`
-# Pack it up and sign
-printf "Zipping package..."
-( cd $REPACK/ota; zip $QUIET -r $REPACK/ . )
-printf "Signing package..."
-java -Xmx1024m \
- -jar $OUT/../../../host/$OUT_TARGET_HOST/framework/signapk.jar \
- -w $SECURITYDIR/testkey.x509.pem $SECURITYDIR/testkey.pk8 \
-printf "Cleaning up..."
-rm -rf $REPACK
# Create a md5 checksum image of the repacked package

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