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An old Italian Game. PDF and STL for the Dice
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Nomi Cose Città

This is an old Italian Game we used to play at school in the free hours. A letter is choosen randomly, usually a blindfolded player hit the pen on a sheet where all alphabet letters are written in circles. So all players must write words starting that letter according the game table (Names, Things, Cities - hence the game name, - and other choosen byall players).

The first that complete a row starts a countdown and then all players must stop writing. If nobody has written your word, you gain 10 points, if 2 or more players wrote same wors, you gain 5 points.

Since I don't like the usual method for choosing a letter I searched for a D20 dice and I've found on Thingiverse a project for a parametric Dice by Mike Koss (here: using OpenScad. I've customized the dice for using a D20 type with letters we normally use for this game (we don't use the H and JKWXY). My design is included in this project. You can customize the original scad file by installing openscad and copying the write.scad library by Harlan Martin (


I've printed the dice using a 0.1mm layer but printing lasted above 10 hours! I've used external support on CURA for the slicing. Dice is quite big (about a 80mm diameter circle). You can resize it in you slicer.

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