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welearn browser extension
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Hi 🖖

You're looking at the source code for WeLearn project which powers WeLearn Browser Extension.

Netlify Status


Ideally it would be trivial to build and test this extension thanks to the build scripts with our friendly ./panda glue-scripts. Use ./panda help for commands.


  • dev:build: Build development version of extension. Helpful for debugging.
  • dev:server: Run a dev server using webpack-dev-server
  • dev:watch: Watch and compile as you change the source files.
  • dev:webext: Start a firefox instance with the extension installed.
  • release: Build production version, sign with mozilla extension signing service, and upload the artifacts.
iLearn Ext Panda! (@,@)

  panda <command> [--command-options] [<arguments>]
  panda -?
  panda --version

  -?  Display this help information.
  --version  Display version information.

Version: 0.1.1

  panda help [<command>]

Available commands:


After cloning this repo:

  • Copy sample dotenv file from .env.sample to .env. You may wish to change the variables depending on your requirements.
  • Install JS packages using yarn install
  • Run any of the script described above using ./panda.


  • Extension uses react, you can find the components in src directory.
  • Handlers for extension are in src/procs within same source file name as relevant web-ext API it uses (eg. runtime, background, etc.)



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