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D news aggregator, newsgroup client, web newsreader and IRC bot
D CSS JavaScript Other
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ae @ 66502df ae update
dcaptcha @ 687243f ae update
web web: Tweak max author width in frame
.gitignore .gitignore
.gitmodules Make CAPTCHA implementations pluggable use git clone --recursive; fix the URL
agpl-3.0.txt License under GNU Affero General Public License 3.0
bitly.d bitly: Add error logging
cache.d cache: Reset cache on SIGHUP
captcha.d Make CAPTCHA implementations pluggable
captcha_dcaptcha.d ae update
captcha_recaptcha.d Tweak punctuation in CAPTCHA errors
common.d message: Don't shorten URLs of unimportant messages
database.d License under GNU Affero General Public License 3.0
dfeed.d dfeed: Enable SocketSource
dfeed_web.d Add and switch to DCaptcha
feed.d Avoid IRC highlight for authors when posting IRC announcements
ircsink.d ircsink: Fix construction
mailhide.d Implement MailHide (disabled for now)
mailinglists.d ae update
message.d Refactor and fix remaining unchecked xref[0] reference
messagedb.d Split rfc850 into message and
mldownload.d ae update
newsgroups.d DMD compatibility fixes
nntpdownload.d ae update
posting.d posting: Close log after posting success
rebuild Add maintenance scripts
rebuilddb.d ae update
rebuildthreads.d ae update
reddit.d Compilation fixes, ae update
restart Add maintenance scripts
sanitizedb.d Compilation fixes, ae update
schema.sql Add user level field, and "Source" link for level 1 users
sendspamfeedback.d sendspamfeedback: Work around linker error
socket.d Add SocketSource
spam.d spam: Don't submit non-IPv4 IPs to StopForumSpam
stackoverflow.d Fix typo in configuration file name check
update Add maintenance scripts
user.d user: Treat empty readposts cookie as its absence
web-resources.mak dos2unix
web.d Refactor and fix remaining unchecked xref[0] reference
webpoller.d webpoller: Sort posts to be announced chronologically

Proper documentation will come later. For now, to hack on the web interface:

git clone --recursive git://
cd DFeed
mkdir data
sqlite3 data/dfeed.s3db < schema.sql
echo 80>data/web.txt
echo localhost>>data/web.txt
rdmd nntpdownload
rdmd dfeed_web

nntpdownload will download messages from the NNTP server and save them in the DB. This will need to be done once. After starting dfeed_web, you should be able to access the web interface on http://localhost/.

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