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D news aggregator, newsgroup client, web newsreader and IRC bot
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ae @ 273c4af ae update (remove usage of
config config: Add Dlang-study
dcaptcha @ 687243f ae update
web help.htt: A few fixes
.gitignore Allow customizing build locally
.gitmodules .gitmodules: Update for move
GNUmakefile GNUmakefile: Add explicit cssmenu.min.css target Configuration overhaul
agpl-3.0.txt License under GNU Affero General Public License 3.0
backup.d backup: Don't use static constructors
bitly.d Configuration overhaul
cache.d Add `Fresh` parameter to announcePost and NewsSink.handlePost
captcha.d ae update
captcha_dcaptcha.d ae update
captcha_recaptcha.d Configuration overhaul
common.d Add `Fresh` parameter to announcePost and NewsSink.handlePost
database.d database: Omit internal FTS tables from schema export
dfeed.d Add github webhook endpoint
feed.d ae update (remove usage of
github.d github: Add watchee URL
groups.d groups: Refactor getGroupInfo functions
ircsink.d Add IRC action for subscriptions
lint.d lint: Reposition wroteLine in TopPostingRule
list.d Move group listing to configuration generator
mailhide.d Configuration overhaul
mailman.d mailman: Download uncompressed archives too
mailrelay.d Add `Fresh` parameter to announcePost and NewsSink.handlePost
message.d Revert "message: Add DFeedMessage (subclass of Rfc650Message)"
messagedb.d messagedb: Record raw subjects in database
newsgroups.d Add `Fresh` parameter to announcePost and NewsSink.handlePost
nntpdownload.d Configuration overhaul
posting.d posting: Don't redirect duplicate posts to errored posting attempt
rebuild Allow customizing build locally
reddit.d ae update (remove usage of
restart restart: Increase restart grace interval to 3 seconds
schema.sql database: Omit internal FTS tables from schema export
sendspamfeedback.d Configuration overhaul
site.d site: Add name
socket.d Add `Fresh` parameter to announcePost and NewsSink.handlePost
spam.d ae update (remove usage of
stackoverflow.d Configuration overhaul
subscriptions.d Fix formatting subscriptions to one group
update Set working directory in utility scripts
user.d user: Add countRead
web.d web: Don't crash when viewing subscriptions with deleted posts
webpoller.d webpoller: Fix typo in comment


DFeed is:

  • an NNTP client
  • a mailing list archive
  • a forum-like web interface
  • an ATOM aggregator
  • an IRC bot

DFeed is running on and the #d channel on FreeNode.

Currently, many things are specific to, but work is being done to move them out into configuration.

Quick start guide:

git clone --recursive git://
cd DFeed
echo "host =" > config/sources/nntp/digitalmars.ini
rdmd dfeed

On first start, DFeed will download messages from the NNTP server and save them in the DB. This will need to be done once. After starting dfeed, you should be able to access the web interface at http://localhost/.

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