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Creates CycloneDX BOMs from Node.js projects
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CycloneDX Node.js Module

The CycloneDX module for Node.js creates a valid CycloneDX bill-of-material document containing an aggregate of all project dependencies. CycloneDX is a lightweight BoM specification that is easily created, human readable, and simple to parse. The resulting bom.xml can be used with tools such as OWASP Dependency-Track for the continuous analysis of components.



npm install -g @cyclonedx/bom

Getting Help

$ cyclonedx-bom -h
Usage:  cyclonedx-bom [OPTIONS] [path]
  -h        - this help
  -a <path> - merge in additional modules from other scanner
  -o <path> - write to file instead of stdout


cyclonedx-bom -o bom.xml


Permission to modify and redistribute is granted under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for the full license.

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