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FASST-Z3Score - One Click Automatic Sleep Scoring

FASST-Z3Score is a fork of FASST toolbox (fMRI Artefact rejection and Sleep Scoring Toolbox, see below). It includes modifications to allow automatic scoring using the sleep scoring API. Read about the API here: The getting started guide is included in this repo (getting started.pdf)

Version 2.0.2

Added electrode fall off detection

Version 2.0.1

Added support for both versions of Z3Score. FASST automatically detects which version to use by detecting if EMG channel is used or not.

Version 2.0.0

Major revision: Added support for Z3Score Version 2.0 (NEO). NEO shows 30 to 40% lower error rates compared to previous generation sleep stager.

Version 1.1.4

Bug correction: Error connecting to local server due to missing JAR files. Cloud version remains unaffected

Version 1.1.3

Feature Updates: FASST-Z3Score now supports offline z3score server

One click import and export of sleep scores

One click report generation

The API uses a three step process (which is transparent to the user):

  1. Convert data to compressed feature set (CFS) format. One night sleep record takes approximately 10MBs irrespective of how big the original EDF file is.

  2. Upload data to z3score server

  3. receive sleep scores and confidence

To be able to score using z3score API, you will need a license key. Request a key from


SPM-12: You will need SPM-12 to use the toolbox. Download SPM 12 from

cfslib-MATLAB: CFS MATLAB library to convert raw data to compressed feature set. Already included here.

See it in action

Note that the video is slightly outdated. FASST-Z3Score Demo

For more information visit

(c)-Neurobit Technologies, 2018, Patent pending

This software is released under GPL.


FASST, aka. fMRI Artefact rejection and Sleep Scoring Toolbox, public distribution with the latest updates. For more info about FASST, see

A reference paper is available here:

This Git/SVN open repository allows us to distribute FASST public version more regularly with bug fixes and the latest features. And end-users can directly update their version by synchronizing with this repository. A Wiki is also available (though empty at the moment) and problems/bugs can be officially notified through the "Issues" interface.


  • On March 2, 2016, FASST is at last compatible with SPM12! Appologies for the delay, code was used internally but never updated on the public repository...
  • The artefact detection tool, published in here, is NOT ready yet to be used by the public. We are working on the remaining issues and hope to make the code available ASAP.


FASST, aka. fMRI Artefact rejection and Sleep Scoring Toolbox, public distribution with the latest updates.




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