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Importing and exporting files in UserLAnd

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Background context

Android Q introduces security improvements that change how apps are required to handle files. You can read more about these changes here. TL;DR, we can no longer be granted blanket access to user's SD cards. This is generally a good thing in terms of your security, but it means that getting files into and out of UserLAnd has become a slightly more involved process.


Scoped storage is deleted when the app is uninstalled. To keep any files after uninstalling, make sure to copy them somewhere outside scoped storage before you uninstall.

Sharing files using /storage in a UserLAnd session

  • Copy any file(s) to /storage in a UserLAnd session to make them available in an Android file browser. /storage in UserLAnd session

Accessing files through an Android file browser.

Method 1

Files can be accessed using our custom document provider if it is available on your device. You can also copy files into this directory to make them accessible at /storage while in a UserLAnd session. You can access this document provider by swiping left in your file browser.

This document provider will lead directly to the directory that is bound to /storage while in a UserLAnd session.

Method 2

Navigate manually to scoped storage directory. This is usually under Android/data/tech.ula/files/storage. You can freely copy files into and out of this directory. Files in this directory will appear at /storage while in a UserLAnd session. You can see a typical directory structure below.

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