Decentralized autonomous organization «The Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives». DApp, smart contracts and blockchain technology-based ledger for carbon units and carbon units’ operations data.
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DAO «Integrated Program for Climate Initiatives»

DAO IPCI work only on Ethereum testnet today.

  • Operator of the Program testnet address: 0x236EdcF07D0dF1C09E096719Eec3d7f53C8468F4
  • DAO curator testnet address: 0x6EFBA8fb2AC5b6730729a972eC224426a287C3Ad

Dapp web address:


  1. Operator of the Program create new Auditor Access Control List (ACL) for each Integrated Program Mitigation Units (IPMU) ledger.
  2. Issuer send transaction to IPMU ledger builder with name of selected Auditor Access Control List. Only Auditor from Auditor Access Control List can issue new IPMU tokens.
  3. Auditor send transaction to Auditor contract builder with client IPMU ledger address and Operator of the Program address.
  4. Operator of the Program:
  • approve new carbon ledger in DAO core
  • approve Issuer address to access to DAO market.
  1. Only approved Issuer and approved IPMU tokens can offering on Market.

Initial modules

  • DAO core
  • ACL storage
  • Shareholder token
  • Market agent builder
  • Token Emission ACL builder
  • Auditor contract builder
  • Complier contract builder
  • USD balance ledger
  • DAO market
  • Market regulator
  • Market agent

Created modules on Testnet

DAO core «IPCI» :: abi


BuilderOperator :: abi


BuilderAuditor :: abi


BuilderIssuerLedger :: abi


IPCI shares :: abi


IPCI ACL Storage :: abi


IPMU ledger builder :: abi


Tihomovo IPMU ledger :: abi


IPCI market USD balances :: abi


IPCI market :: abi


Tihomovo ledger owner