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Factorio Soft Mod

My custom factorio soft/server side mod that includes QOL features, like playerlist, readme, tasks, and more.

What is a soft mod? A modification to the control.lua file.


  • Factorio folder location: Factorio/data/base/scenarios/freeplay/
  • Purpose: The file sets up the initial game and is downloaded onto all the clients automatically in multiplayer. The original vanilla file tells the game to give you items at the start of the game and gives you pistol + ammo upon respawn. Extension of this functionality brings "limitless possibilities". The Wave defence Scenario is one example of a softmod already packaged with the game.

Support Me


How to install?

For multiplayer server / add to existing save game

  • Create a new map (if you haven't already you can apply to existing maps)
  • Browse to the save file (.zip archive file) for your server
    • Local saves are in C:/Users/[yourusername]/AppData/Roaming/Factorio/saves/
  • Open the zip (typically
  • Replace the original control.lua with the one in this repo

For development

  • Browse to Factorio freeplay scenarios folder Factorio/data/base/scenarios/freeplay/
  • Backup the original control.lua
  • Replace the original control.lua with the one in this repo
  • If you make a new game, the soft-mod will be applied


├── gamer_softmod/      <- my current soft mod for my server.
├── player_list_mod/    <- Simple Player list soft mod
├── simple-soft-mod/    <- The simplest mod to the vanilla control.lua. Beginners start here.
├── vanilla_control/    <- Backup of the vanilla control.lua
└── factorio-server.bat <- to spin up a local testing server on windows