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Sorxus commented Mar 14, 2018

When player plays long game he researched everything on tech/civic tree. At this point is only possible to choose "Future technology/civic".
Couldn't be good that CQUI does this for you: automatically choose next future tech/civic so you have less clicking, you only see small message that future tech/civic is chosen?

braem commented Sep 20, 2020

What feature is your improvement idea related to? Please describe.
Some confusion on how to turn these elements off; they are in the res file but can only be turned off via these cvars:

  • mom_hud_mapinfo_show_mapname
  • mom_hud_mapinfo_show_author
  • mom_hud_mapinfo_show_difficulty
  • mom_hud_mapinfo_show_status

Describe the solution you'd like
To prevent confusion, move thes

WenXin20 commented Apr 6, 2020

Minecolonies version

Version: 0.11.813-Alpha

Expected behavior

  • Huts with Chests should look like a chest

Actual behaviour

  • Any hut containing a chest in its model has an incorrect texture mapping, I believe this is because the minecraft chest texture mapping changed slightly in 1.15.2. (The inside texture of the chest is on top, etc.)

Steps to reproduce the problem

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