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Release 1.2

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@dcoeurjo dcoeurjo released this 02 Jun 08:07
· 1328 commits to master since this release

Blog post for this release.
TL;DR: python ! 🎉

New Features / Critical Changes

  • New Feature

    • DGtal now has a python binding pip install dgtal! For all
      details on the list of classes available in python, you can have a
      look to: Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1528
  • Geometry Package

    • New normal vector estimation using plane-probing approaches.
      (Jocelyn Meyron, Tristan Roussillon,
    • New normal vector estimation using slices of digital surfaces
      and maximal segment computation
      (Jocelyn Meyron, Tristan Roussillon,
    • Add an implementation of the Quick Hull convex hull algorithm. It
      works in arbitrary dimension. It provides several kernels to deal
      with lattice or rational points, and also to compute the Delaunay
      cell complex.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1539)


  • Project

    • Add azure-pipelines in wrap folder to kickstart python wrappings
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1529)
    • Modernize CMake: Avoid global includes and links, use target_ commands instead
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, David Coeurjolly #1524)
    • Modernize CMake: Prefer use targets rather than directories and libraries
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1543)
    • Add python wrappings using pybind11. Check wrap/ for details.
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1543)
  • Documentation

    • Fix typos in blurred segment equation (Phuc Ngo,
    • Fix some small errors : includes, variable names, code example
      (adrien Krähenbühl, #1525)
    • Fix doxygen errors in DigitalConvexity, SurfaceMesh
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1534)
    • Fix CSS errors in doxygen
      (Jérémy Levallois, #1546)
  • General

    • Only set CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD if not defined already
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1526)
    • Add container() member function to DigitalSets and ImageContainers
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1532)
  • Arithmetic

    • Add default constructor to ClosedIntegerHalfSpace
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1531)
  • IO

    • Fix Color::getRGBA
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1535)
    • Adding Quad exports in Board3DTo2D (David Coeurjolly,
    • Adding spacing in ImageContainerByITKImage and the possibility to export it
      through ITKWriter.
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1563)

Bug fixes

  • Documentation

    • Removing collaboration graphs in doxygen. Fixing doxygen warnings (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fixing the homebrew command for building on macOS (Jérémy Levallois,
  • IO

    • Removing the default grey background and raising an error if CAIRO has not between
      set for the Board3DTo2D export (David Coeurjolly,
  • Geometry

    • Small fixes and updates in BoundedLatticePolytope and BoundedRationalPolytope
      initialization when using half-spaces initialization
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1538)
    • Fix BoundedLatticePolytope::init when using half-spaces initialization
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1531)
    • Fix an issue in DigitalSurfaceRegularization about bad buffer init
      (David Coeurjolly, #1548)
    • Fix issue #1552 about a
      plane-probing unit test taking too long
      (Jocelyn Meyron, #1553)
    • Fix issue
      #1566: do not
      compile example checkLatticeBallQuickHull if WITH_GMP is not set
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1567)
    • Fix AppVeyor issue on PlaneProbingParallelepipedEstimator and PlaneProbingRNeighborhood
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1568)
  • Shapes package

    • Fix the use of uninitialized variable in NGon2D.
      (Daniel Antunes,#1540)
  • Build

    • We now use cmake Fetch_Content to download the stable release of
      Catch2 (used in our unit-tests) when building the project (David
      Coeurjolly #1524)
    • Fixing the required components for CGAL (David Coeurjolly,
    • Speedup of the compilation of the tests that rely on Catch2
      (Roland Denis #1551)
    • Comply with cmake Policy CMP0115 "Source file extensions must be
      explicit". (David Coeurjolly, #1557)
    • Fix AppVeyor issue using new zlib URL.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1571)