DIGImend graphics tablet drivers for the Linux kernel
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Latest commit d069832 May 19, 2017 @spbnick spbnick Rebind all Huion, UGTizer, Ugee, and XP-Pen tablets
Change udev rules to invoke hid-rebind for all Huion, UGTizer, Ugee, and
XP-Pen tablets, as this is relatively safe and simplifies future

If the tablet is not in hid_device_id list of the custom driver, it
won't match it, and when invoked, hid-rebind will simply exit without


DIGImend kernel drivers

This is a collection of graphics tablet drivers for the Linux kernel, produced and maintained by the DIGImend project. We maintain this package to provide newer drivers for older kernel versions which don't have them, and to allow users to test new drivers before we contribute them to the mainline kernel.

See the list of supported tablets on the project website.

Please send your testing results to DIGImend-devel@lists.sourceforge.net.

NOTE: The driver developer is leaving the DIGImend project and is no longer supporting users. Members of the community may still help with issues. All development is going to stop in November 2016. However, outside patches will still be reviewed and accepted, and anybody able is welcome to contact the developer and take over.


Kernel v3.5 or newer is required. Kernel headers or the build tree for the running kernel are required.

On Debian-derived systems (such as Ubuntu and Mint) headers can be obtained by installing appropriate version of linux-headers package. On Red Hat and derived distributions the package name is kernel-headers.

Download appropriate files for one of the releases from the releases page. The "Download ZIP" link on the right of the GitHub page leads to the source of the current development version, use it only if you know what you're doing.

Installing Debian package

If you're using Debian or a derived distro, such as Ubuntu, please try using the experimental .deb package. If it works for you, this will remove the need to reinstall the driver after each kernel upgrade. If it doesn't work, please report the issue.

If you're not using a Debian-based distro, or the .deb package didn't work, you can try installing the driver using DKMS directly, if you know how, or manually as described below.

Installing source package with DKMS

If you know how to use DKMS, you can try installing the package with it directly, employing the experimental DKMS support. Please report issues if you find any.

Installing source package manually

To build the drivers run make in the package's directory.

Please disregard the possible "Can't read private key" messages. They don't affect the driver functionality, unless you set up kernel module signature verification.

To install the drivers run sudo make install in the package's directory.

Make sure the previous versions of the drivers were unloaded from memory with the following commands:

sudo rmmod hid-kye
sudo rmmod hid-uclogic
sudo rmmod hid-huion

and reconnect the tablet. Or simply reboot the machine.

Note that if you built and installed the driver with make and sudo make install as described above, you will need to do that again after each kernel upgrade.

See the DIGImend project support page for further setup instructions. Please report issues if you find any.


Manually-installed package

To uninstall a manually-installed package execute make uninstall as root in the package source directory.

Upgrading / downgrading

Manually-installed package

If you've manually installed a version of this package before, please uninstall it before installing another one, using the sources you used for installation.