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A 3D printable shelving system with a hidden giant clock in its shelves edges
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Hidden Digital Clock SMart Shelving

A DIY, 3d Printed, Arduino powered, time-telling, shelving project.


List of items used in this project and where to find them (the links are Amazon affiliate links and help to support this channel at no cost to you):

■ An Arduino Nano(x1):

■ A 5m roll of WS2812B LEDS which has 60 LED’s a meter:

■ A Photosensitive resistor module:

■ A DS3231:

■ Some Hook up wire - ideally three different colours:

■ A couple of 470 Ohm resistors:

■ A couple of electric terminal block strips - each 5 blocks long:

■ No 8 wood screws:

■ A 5v power supply with screw terminals:

■ Some thicker twin core cable

■ Battery powered glue gun:

■ Battery powered soldering iron:


3D printed parts and wiring diagram can be downloaded from here:



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