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A 3d printable game of Simon Says
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A 3d printable game of Simon Says

Print, assemble and program your own Simon Says game. How much of the randomly generated colour pattern can you memorise and repeat back? Not sure, then why not make one and find out. (My current best is level 14). 👇 More info below 👇

With an Arduino Nano at its core this project also incorporates an OLED screen, passive buzzer and some big bright buttons.


List of items used in this project and where to find them (the links are Amazon affiliate links and help to support this channel at no cost to you):

■ Arduino Nano (x1):

■ OLED Screen (1):

■ Battery Holders (x2):

■ Resistors (220 Ohms) (x4) :

■ Wire:

■ AA Batteries (x4):

■ Illuminated Momentary Buttons (x4):

■ Nuts and Bolts - M3 x 10 (x4):

■ 5v buzzer (x1) :

■ PLA Filament:

■ Illuminated Power Switch (x1):

■ Battery powered glue gun:

■ Battery powered soldering iron:


The code and wiring diagram can be downloaded from here:

3D printed parts can be downloaded from here:



Buy me a coffee to say thanks: Support us on Patreon:



Disclaimer: The video is shared for demonstration purposes only.

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