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A golfing language inspired by everybody's favorite text editor, vim.
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An esoteric language inspired by vim and designed for code-golfing. Get started at the wiki, or you can try it in the online interpreter here. (Online interpreter provided by Dennis Mitchell)

Under the hood, V sends out keystrokes to neovim for all of it's text manipulations, and it tries to be mostly backwards compatible with regular vim. The main reason this language was invented was to fix my biggest complaints with using vim as a golfing language, rather than a text editor:

  • Input and output is obnoxious. In vim golf, you must enter the text into a file, open with file in vim with no loaded settings, and then manually type each keystroke to execute it. Output is to the buffer, not to STDIO

  • Settings that I come up with to save keystrokes do not count, since they only exist on my .vimrc

  • Certain idioms in vim golf take more keystrokes then they really need to. For example, global search and replace, recursive macros, turning settings on and off, etc.

  • And perhaps the biggest one of all, vim doesn't support mathematical operations very well.

V seeks to fix all of these problems.

If you would like to talk about V, whether it's to seek golfing advice in V, to become a contributor, or even just to learn about the language, feel free to either bring it up in the V chat room on PPCG, or to ping me in The Nineteenth Byte.

V is released under the same license as The Vim License.

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