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Exemplary implementation of Euler spirals as used for clothoids in OpenDRIVE
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Exemplary implementation of Euler spirals as used for clothoids in OpenDRIVE. Originaly published by VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH in the publicly available OpenDRIVE download section:

This small collection of routines shall illustrate the computation of Euler spirals as they are to be used in OpenDRIVE applications.

The methods have been realized using the CEPHES library

and do neither constitute the only nor the exclusive way of implementing spirals for OpenDRIVE applications. Their sole purpose is to facilitate the interpretation of OpenDRIVE spiral data.

All software is provided "AS IS".


Building on Unix

With CMake as plattform-independent build tool odrSpiral can be configured for various native build environments. An exemplary configuration for Make under Unix:

cd odrSpiral
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

To build the project afterwards run


If everything went fine you will find

  • the resulting static library in the lib/ folder of the project root and
  • an odrSpiralDemo executable in the bin/ folder.

    Running it will result in a table of x/y values for a sample spiral.

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