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📕 PDF Export — Sketch Plugin

A Sketch Plugin to export artboards to a PDF document.

  • Export all pages
  • Export current page
  • Export selected artboards

PDF Export Preferences

Note: This plugin is no longer actively maintained; whilst functionality should still work, don't expect it to be updated in the future.


🔥 Description
Artboard Export Order Easily set the export order of the artboards when running the plugin.
Export as PNGs into PDF This will export each artboard first into a PNG, then place those PNGs together into a single PDF document. This is extremely helpful for things such as 'images with fills', 'gradient fills', 'some shadows' that sometimes don't render well into a PDF.You can also specify the export size for the PNGs — same as the typical Sketch export; 200w = width of 200px, 100h = height of 100px, 3x = 3 times artboard size
Ignore Artboards/pages with prefix Do you sometimes have those few artboards you still want to keep around, but don't necessarily want to export? Or maybe a page that is an archive? Then this is perfect for you. When checked, you can specify a prefix. Every artboard or page with that prefix will be excluded when exporting.
Include 'Symbol Master' Artboards Perhaps you use Symbols and wish to include the 'Symbol Master' artboards in your export... now you can.

Why make this plugin?

Too often, I found myself going 'File > Export Artboards to PDF', then opening up the PDF and deleting pages I didn't actually want.

Sometimes I would duplicate a page in Sketch as a new iteration on the design. I would then want to export the single iteration—consisting of multiple artboards—into a PDF for distribution and printing purposes; so having a 'Export current page into PDF' option is a real lifesaver!! 😍


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Double-click the file, 'PDF Export.sketchplugin'
  3. That's it...

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