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You can visit Art of Finding here !


The Art of Finding application allows the user to search for images of historic artwork. It provides data about the work of art, as well as the location of the gallery where the art work is currently on display. Google Maps provides the address of the gallery. The user can browse Amazon to purchase images of the art work.

Design Team

  • Trish Mederos - Back end, Google Maps API

  • Dameon Mendoza - Front end

  • Grant Stolz - Team Lead - Back end, Artsy API

  • Abby Thoresen - Front end Lead


We all enjoy fine art (Especially Abby). It allows you to locate images of historic artwork. You can print images from the application. You can purchase images of the artwork from Amazon.


Team Efforts We began the project by using to create an initial layout of the project idea. We choose Grant as the team lead for the project and put him in charge of GitHub. We split the team into a Front End group and a Back End group. Each consisted of two members. Each team member worked on a portion of the project where they felt they had the most strength. Abby and Dameon learned Materialize CSS for the Front End design. Grant worked on the Artsy API and Trish worked on the Google Maps API in the Back End. All team members assisted in testing.


Challenges * Abby's biggest challenge was learning Materialize CSS.
  • Dameons biggest challenge was making sure the application was mobile friendly and trying to ensure the media breaks worked properly.

  • Trish's biggest challenge was overcoming the CORS (cross origin resource sharing) limitations of Google maps. Google Maps allows CORS, but not on client side applications.

  • Grant's biggest challenge was getting the Artsy API token authentication working.

Improvements Add addition art archiving APIs. The Artsy API only contains public works of art. It would be great to find a way to add local artists to the application.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Finds Public Art Pieces Using the ARTSY API and Google Maps API




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