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SOXTA - StackOverflow's XML To AVRO

How to run

Firstly, we need uncompressed data from the public dataset: Given the next folder structure, the data should be inside xml_data folder. The avro_schemas folder should contain the schema files in order to convert from XML to AVRO. The avro_data folder should be empty:

├── avro_data       # Empty, to store Avro converted files
├── avro_schemas    # Avro schema files
└── xml_data        # Uncompressed data from

Convert from XML to AVRO:

Then we need to run script, specifying the XML file to convert, the AVRO schema file, and the path for the result AVRO file:

$ xml_data/Posts.xml avro_schemas/Posts.avsc avro_data/Posts.avro