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Research on adversarial attacks and defenses for deep neural network 3D point cloud classifiers like PointNet and PointNet++.
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3D Point Cloud Adversarial Attacks and Defenses

Adversarial attacks and defenses on neural networks that process 3D point cloud data, namely PointNet and PointNet++. The preprint paper is available on Arxiv here.

Note that files modified from the PointNet and PointNet++ source codes are included. Some files may need to be moved to the correct location before running experiments.



  • Fast/iterative gradient sign
  • Jacobian-based saliency map attack
  • Gradient projection
  • Clipping L2 norms


  • Adversarial training
  • Outlier removal
  • Salient point removal


  • Adversarial attacks are effective against deep 3D point cloud classifiers
  • It is more easy to defend point cloud classifiers than 2D image classifiers
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