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FSharp.InteropServices.Dynamic NuGet Status

F# Dynamic Operator for P/Invoke using the DLR

Install from nuget

PM> Install-Package FSharp.InteropServices.Dynamic

Or simply copy the PInvoke.fs file to your project.

It is particularly well-suited for exploring libraries in F# scripts.


Create a late-bound (dynamic) P/Invoke wrapper for an assembly by first creating an object Library("mylib.dll"). Then you can immediately access P/Invoke methods on it by using the ? operator; mylib?MyMethod("arg1", 2, 3.0)

open FSharp.InteropServices.Dynamic

let user32 = Library("user32.dll")
(user32?MessageBox(0, "Hello world", "MyTitle", 0) : unit)


This library is in alpha status. Please give it a try. Feedback is very welcome.