Morphological image processing
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Morphological image processing

This is a simple tool for playing around with morphological image processing.

How to use it

Here's a simple example

    <canvas id="demo" width=500 height=500></canvas>
    <script src="morph.js"></script>
      var img = morph.generateRandomImage(500, 500, 100000);
      var structElem = morph.generateStructureElement(10);
      var morphResult = morph.dilate(img, structElem);

      var canvas = document.getElementById('demo');
      morph.drawImage(morphResult, canvas);

All that's really required is morph.complement, morph.union and morph.erode. Read more in the companion post on this.

What to contribute?

There are a bunch of cools things that could added. Like topology preserving mappings, etc. Read more here, and here and in this book.