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Timeline block for KirbyCMS Editor
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Timeline block for KirbyCMS Editor

Turn this

Panel View

Into this!

Example from the example.css



Outputted HTML

<ul class="timeline">
  <li class=""> <!-- This is the CSS Class from Settings -->
      <div class="timeline-badge primary">
          <span>&#9737;</span> <!-- This is the Icon from Settings -->
      <div class="timeline-panel">
          <div class="timeline-heading">
              1947        <!-- This is the Title from Settings -->
          <div class="timeline-body">
                  <!-- This is the Main content -->
                  Partition of India, formation of the new state of Pakistan, included East Bengal. Assam became a province of North Eastern India. There was no set restrictions on the migration of people from Pakistan and India after partition.            
          <div class="timeline-footer"></div>


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