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Detailed explanation could be found on Red Gate SimpleTalk's link 'How to Program with MongoDB Using the .NET Driver'
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Programming MongoDB by using .NET driver


Aggregation operations group values from multiple documents together and can perform a variety of operations on the grouped data to return a single result. MongoDB provides three ways to perform aggregation: • the aggregation pipeline, • the single purpose aggregation methods, • the map-reduce function

Class Name Description
AggregationSales Shows how to performs basic aggregation by using LINQ, IAggregateFluent and more...
AggregationUnwind Shows verious aggregation on embedded documents by applying Unwind operator.
SampleLookup Shows how to combine two collections by applying Lookup operator.
SampleUnwind Shows how to use Unwind operator.


Class Name Description
Auth Shows how to conect to MongoDB


Class Name Description
SampleConfig Unlike ADO.NET, MongoDB client is a cheap resource.

CRUD operation

Class Name Description
CrudDemo Shows how to performs basics CRUD operation.


Class Name Description
Explain Shows how to get the query plan from the code.
FilterHeader Shows various way to query MongoDB documents.
FindWithCursor Shows how to use cursors


Class Name Description
CreateJsonProducts Shows how to create JSON file that holds information about products.
CreateJsonSales Shows how to create JSON file that holds information about sales.
CreateJsonSpetialOffer Shows how to create JSON file that holds information about spetial offers.


Class Name Description
AttributeDescoration Shows how to use attributes in order to customize serialization process.
ClassMap Shows how to use ClassMap.
ClassMapAutoMap Shows how to use ClassMap with AutoMap feature.
TestConventionPack Shows how to use Convention Pack.
TestTypes Shows various option within serialization.
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