A g8 template for developing Scala games using libgdx.
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libgdx sbt project

Configure and generate a Scala project for libgdx using g8 and sbt 0.13.5+.

Setting up a new project

To use this template, you will need to install g8 first. The easiest way to use g8 is via sbt plugin. Alternatively consult g8's readme for traditional install or more information.

Then, in your favorite shell, type the command (prepend the command with sbt if you have used the plugin):

$ g8 Darkyenus/libgdx-sbt-project

After filling in some information about your project, you can start placing your game's source files and assets in core/src/main/scala and assets respectively. You can of course use Java as well.

Managing your project

Start sbt in project root:

$ sbt

Run the desktop/android/ios project:

> desktop/run
> android/android:run
> ios/device

Package the desktop project into single jar:

> assembly

Create Android package in debug mode:

> android:package-debug

See android-sdk-plugin for more info about Android commands and configuration and sbt-robovm for the same about iOS.

Using with popular IDEs

In most cases you will be able to open and edit each sub-project (like common, android or desktop), but you still need to use SBT to build the project.

See here for details about sbt plugins for each editor.