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generator-team (Yo Team)

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generator-team is a Yeoman generator that creates a complete CI/CD pipeline in Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services for the following languages:

  • Java using Tiles and bootstrap
  • Node using Pug and bootstrap
  • Core using Razor and bootstrap
  • Full Framework using Razor and bootstrap

It allows you to deploy to the following platforms:



npm install yo

npm install generator-team

You can read how to use it at

To test

npm test


You can debug the generator using VS Code. You need to update the launch.json. Replace any value in [] with your information. Use npm link from the root folder to load your local version.

Revision history

April 2018


Updated code to find profile by name for VSTS even if the profile name does not match the VSTS account name.

Got all tests passing on macOS, Linux and Windows.

March 2018


Updated all the dependencies. Dropped support for TFS 2017 Update 2. Only update 3.1 is supported.

December 2017


Added support to read profiles from VSTeam Module. Only profiles of type Pat are supported. If you enter a profile name of type OnPremise you will still be prompted for a Pat.

Added Profile sub generator to Add, List and Delete profiles.

November 2017


Upgraded .NET Core to 2.0.

October 2017


Now Supports Deployment slots with App Service.

September 2017


Now supports Azure Container Instances. You can read how to find the public IP in my blog post Yo Team, meet Azure Container Instances.

July 2017


Merge Pull Request from Daniel Meixner which included the following:

  • Install specific version of .NET Core for ASP.NET Core


Fixed bug in Java Docker Build


Fixed spelling error

June 2017


Fixed dependencies so users do not need Mocha installed.


.NET Core

  • Migrated .net core to csproj and updated all references.
  • The Hosted build pool is no longer supported for the .NET Core project. The upgrade to csproj is not supported on Hosted. Use HostedVS2017, Hosted Linux or private agent.
  • Removed Code coverage from .NET Core because solution was not cross-platform. It only worked on Windows agents.


  • Fixed issue with Node.js code coverage.

Java, Node.js & .NET Core

Release Defs

  • Updated task versions
  • The following task were not updated due to breaking changes:
  • Azure Resource Group Deployment
  • Azure App Service Deploy


  • Updated generator npm dependencies.

March 2017


Updated the Azure Resource Manager Service Endpoints to work with the Azure Portal Continuous Delivery feature. Fixed bug in Azure sub generator that asked for information not needed when using VSTS.


Fixed some issues with TFS after locking versions for VSTS. Some of the build templates were used for both and locking versions caused issues on TFS.


Added Full .NET Framework support but only for Azure App Service.


Locked Tasks to specific version. This will prevent auto updates from breaking builds and releases.

Changed release template for PaaS to include Web Performance Test.

Changed release to default to latest version of build for manual releases.

Changed ARM templates to add unique string after Website Name. This will help make sure final website URL is globally unique.

ASP sub generator only supports .net core 1.0 RC2. RC 3 and above switched to CSPROJ. yo Team uses hosted agents as lowest common denominator and we will update as soon as CSPROJ is supported on hosted agents.

February 2017


Fixed a bug in the App Service deployment after adding ACR support.


Has breaking changes from previous version. Removed the email parameter for Docker Registries and added support for Azure Container Registry. Now you can use Docker Hub or Azure Container Registry.

January 2017


Improved build names from just build id to build definition name plus build id


Added User-Agent Header to request so calls could be identified by VSTS Team telemetry.


Initial release