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Modify environment variables in a running screen or tmux session
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Use default socket for screen

Before, if multiple screen sockets were available, the script would
fail if you didn't' explicitly specify one, instead of just using the
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This is a script to inject environment variables into an already-running screen session. An example use case would be to set a new value for DISPLAY when you start a new X session, so that you can still start X11 programs from a shell in your screen session.

Note that any new environment variables would only take effect for newly-spawned windows in screen. For tmux you could get creative with a bash function that reads the output of tmux showenv and injects the environment variables into an existing shell, but you'll still have to do it manually.

Example usage

To send the current value of $DISPLAY:


To send a specific value of $DISPLAY:

$ DISPLAY=":2"
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