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Community Code Review

Datadog runs twice monthly code reviews and office hours to assist community members who are contributing to our open-source projects. These sessions will be held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 10:30am PST / 1:30PM EST. If this schedule changes in the future, we will update this docucment accordingly.


Office hours will be held in #integrations the Datadog Community Slack ( get an invitation here:, in conjunction with a Google Hangout (


2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 10:30am PST / 1:30PM EST.

Guidelines and Caveats

  • Review and feedback during office hours is offered on a first come first served basis. We may not get to every review each week. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • We welcome everyone from the community to join us and provide respectful and constructive feedback to their fellow members of the Datadog community.

  • These sessions are not intended as a channel general Datadog support. We are primarily focused on discussing and reviewing dd-agent integrations, and contributions to other Datadog open-source project. For product support we encourage you to reach out through official channels such as email:

  • Sometimes a given PR maybe complex and require further offline review before we can provide feedback.