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Configuration instructions conflict with Cucumber(-Rails) instructions #136

gaustin opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Grant Austin Ben Mabey Matt Wynne
Grant Austin

The README for database_cleaner states that you should do configuration in features/support/env.rb. This file says that it shouldn't be modified as it should be regenerated when upgrading cucumber-rails.

Is there a better place to put this configuration?

Ben Mabey

That documentation is stale but I I haven't used cucumber-rails (rails, in general) for a while so I'm a little unsure on how/if to update it. I always would put additions in env.rb and just copy and pasted my custom code after an upgrade.

@mattwynne, care to weigh in?

Matt Wynne

The cucumber-rails generated version of env.rb should do this for you automatically anyway.

I'll write a patch for the README if I get a chance.

Matt Wynne mattwynne referenced this issue from a commit in mattwynne/database_cleaner
Matt Wynne mattwynne Update README for #136 3283834
Ben Mabey bmabey closed this
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