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Prometheus Exporter for Carriota Field API metrics
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Prometheus Exporter for Carriota Field API metrics

Latest Changes:

August 25, 2018

  • adapted season length to show correct season progress

July 14, 2018

  • Dockerfile

April 4, 2018

  • minor bugfixes

April 3, 2018

  • initial version published

What does it do?

Works with Prometheus and Grafana to export metrics from Carriota Field APIs and pulls metrics from Bitfinex's webservice API for required IOTA price data.

The following images are from my field_exporter dashboard. The top looks like this:

top of dashboard

The next section contains season history data and data summaries of all my nodes:

bottom of dashboard

Nuriel Shem-Tov has a great installer which deploys, among other things, IOTA IRI, IOTA PM, Grafana, Prometheus, IOTA Prometheus Exporter, Field and this Exporter. Please visit his docs if your intent is to get the whole stack up and running as easily as possible: IRI-Playbook

IOTA Partners also has a copy+paste installation playbook that is also great. Check out both and decide which one is right for you.

Current Metrics

  • field_nodes_online
  • field_season_balance
  • field_season_score
  • field_season_completed
  • field_season_number_of_seasons
  • field_node_rank
  • field_node_score
  • field_node_balance_iota
  • field_node_balance_usd
  • field_node_nr1_score
  • field_node_season_participation
  • field_node_season_workdonemax
  • field_node_season_workdonemin
  • field_node_season_workdonesum
  • field_node_season_workdoneaverage
  • field_multiple_nodes_score
  • field_multiple_nodes_score_max
  • field_multiple_nodes_score_min
  • field_multiple_nodes_score_average
  • field_multiple_nodes_number
  • field_multiple_nodes_balance_iota
  • field_multiple_nodes_balance_usd


  • Node JS: version >= 8.0 (due to async await use)
  • Prometheus: Here is a great guide
  • Grafana: version >= 5.0


git clone
cd field_exporter
npm install

Rename config-template.js to config.js (if field_exporter is already installed -> copy config.js to config.js.backup so you still can access your current settings). You need to configure the following values to use field_exporter in config.js:

  • field_node_public_id (example entry: "field_node_public_id: 'yourpublicidhere',")
  • field_nodes_multiple_ids (example config: "field_nodes_public_ids_array: ['publicId1','publicId2'],")

The exporter is configured to run on port 9337 so as to comply with the list of export default ports

Once installed and working you have to edit the Prometheus config file - /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml and add a section like the below:

# field_exporter section
- job_name: 'field_exporter'
    scrape_interval: 30s
      - targets: ['localhost:9337']

Please don't set the scrape_interval below 30s value because this value already implies about ~3000 request per day to the carriota field APIs.

You need to restart the Prometheus service sudo service prometheus restart (or sudo systemctl restart prometheus) after adding an exporter.

Run the field_exporter

Within install dir type

node field_exporter.js

Note: field_exporter is only running as long as bash is open. As soon as you disconnect the field_exporter will be killed. Use "screen -S field_exporter" to start new screen, type command there and detach by pressing "CTRL + A + D". Then you can disconnect SSH session (use "screen -r" to reattach to the session if you are connected by ssh again).

Test if all works fine by navigating to http://localhost:9337/metrics. If you get back data, field_exporter is running.


Once the above is done, the metrics will be available to be consumed in a Grafana dashboard which must be added (see folder dashboards). Chose Prometheus as data source.



docker build . -t field-exporter:latest

Run example: mount the configuration file from the host, and expose the metrics port:

docker run -v ./config.js:/app/config.js:ro -p 9337:9337 --name field_exporter field-exporter:latest

Big Thx

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