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PHP Rate Limiting Library With Token Bucket Algorithm
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Build Status

PHP Rate Limiting Library With Token Bucket Algorithm with minimal external dependencies.


composer require palepurple/rate-limit

Storage Adapters

The RateLimiter needs to know where to get/set data.

Depending on which adapter you install, you may need to install additional libraries (predis/predis or tedivm/stash) or PHP extensions (e.g. Redis, Memcache, APC)


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use \PalePurple\RateLimit\RateLimit;
use \PalePurple\RateLimit\Adapter\APC as APCAdapter;
use \PalePurple\RateLimit\Adapter\Redis as RedisAdapter;
use \PalePurple\RateLimit\Adapter\Predis as PredisAdapter;
use \PalePurple\RateLimit\Adapter\Memcached as MemcachedAdapter;
use \PalePurple\RateLimit\Adapter\Stash as StashAdapter;

$adapter = new APCAdapter(); // Use APC as Storage
// Alternatives:
// $adapter = new RedisAdapter((new \Redis()->connect('localhost'))); // Use Redis as Storage
// $adapter = new PredisAdapter(new \Predis\Predis(['tcp://'])); // Use Predis as Storage
// $memcache = new \Memcached();
// $memcache->addServer('localhost', 11211);
// $adapter = new MemcacheAdapter($memcache); 
// $stash = new \Stash\Pool(new \Stash\Driver\FileSystem());
// $adapter = new StashAdapter($stash);

$rateLimit = new RateLimit("myratelimit", 100, 3600, $adapter); // 100 Requests / Hour

$id = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; // Use client IP as identity
if ($rateLimit->check($id)) {
  echo "passed";
} else {
  echo "rate limit exceeded";

Installing via Composer

curl -sS | php
composer.phar require palepurple/rate-limit


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