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Metallurgy 4: Reforged

an unofficial port of Metallurgy 4 by ShadowClaimer developed by Davoleo & Matpac

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Project Development Status: Active support and bugfixes as well as minor versions development.

Metallurgy 4 was a mod that had the purpose of bringing back "mine" into Minecraft, Metallurgy 4: Reforged tries to port this idea to 1.12.2, so it adds lots of different ores and alloys in the game while also trying to give each one of them a theme and a use case; this is to avoid having a mod that is bloated with dull features no one will ever use.
Every metal has special properties and for some of them these properties mean you can build special gadgets with the metal or build certain alloys with it, or that equipment made out of it will get special effects derived from that property.

If you want to know more about the content of the mod and what you can do with it check out the wiki

It's also very customizable to the point you could even add your own metals providing your textures and models via Resource Loader mod, but also tweak original metal stats, and turn on or off features like Effects, Decorative blocks, and fine tune gadgets.

If you feel like there's something missing that won't allow you to express what you want to do with this mod feel free to open a suggestion issue about it, just keep in mind that if the suggestion drifts away too much from the scope of the mod it might be rejected.

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Post-1.12.2 Plans

  • What will happen to this project on newer Minecraft versions? This project WILL NOT be ported as is to future Minecraft versions. We won't allow any port of this to future Minecraft versions for a couple of reasons I will explain below.
  • Why aren't you porting this mod to newer Minecraft versions? Metallurgy 4: Reforged started out as unofficial port that was meant to built upon what was established with Metallurgy 4; we didn't want to do something that would be too much outside the scope of the mod, but that also meant we were restricted in the kind of content we could add.
    Practically speaking these are 3 reasons why we're not going to port it:
    1. We were specifically allowed by ShadowClaimer (the original creator and copyright holder of Metallurgy) to develop this unofficial port for 1.12.2
    2. ShadowClaimer himself is working on a new official version of Metallurgy for new Minecraft versions. (join his discord server for more information)
    3. Expanding more than what we've already done will get us completely out of the Metallurgy 4 scope.
  • So is this it? Graveyard and RIPperoni? No, it's not all finished! We are working on a new project which can be related to but will also be very different from Metallurgy 4: Reforged (this is the reason I wanted to get M4R to a point that can be considered a decent and complete mod before moving onto this other project) More information will be disclosed as we begin developing it, stay tuned on our discord server for more information.

Extra Information

If you want to contribute to the project be sure to read Contributing Lines

If you need further support, you have bugs to report, suggestions to make or just questions to ask: feel free to make an issue on our tracker or joining our discord server to ask there!