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Welcome to dctrl!

dctrl is a Vancouver, BC community commons which uses a non-hierarchical shared leadership structure to maintain a unique autonomous event space and 'clubhouse' in the middle of the city. By splitting the rent and voting on activities, decisions, and 'spends' from our Bitcoin wallet, we are able to share resources and equipment that none of us could afford on our own. Plus, we get to have fun with a diverse and exciting group of friends!

Here's a bit of information to get you started, whether you're just interested in the space or have just signed on as a member.

Why should you become a dctrl member?

As a "do-ocracy"-driven community commons, the dctrl collective encourages all participants to run with their cool ideas for events, space improvements, and general introduction of new ideas. By joining the space, you will not only have 24/7 access to one of the coolest locations in Vancouver, you'll also have the freedom and support to host your own meetups and events, to propose new collaborative projects and new equipment to potentially purchase.

The unique value add here, besides our focus on decentralization and disruptive technologies, is the fluidity of the space's use itself: you can co-work, incite political movements, create art, do programming, or just hang out in the evenings to "lounge." Most of all, you'll be a part of an exciting community holding diverse interests.

How to become a member

You can, of course, become a member simply by asking a senior member on site at the space during an event or public dropin. Another way is to Join our (pretty active) Slack Chat here.

In Slack, you can ask anything you want in the #new-members channel. We will also invite paying members into the #active-members channel. We can invite you to view our Google events calendar or sign you up to be a member. In our other channels, there are some pretty lively talks about politics, free/open source software, bitcoin, ethereum, and so on.

A final option, but one that might take a little longer to receive a response to, is to email us at and inquire about membership.

Once you're a member

  • Feel free to ask one of the older members for an on-site walkthrough of the space-- you're going to be a lot more comfortable and take advantage of its benefits more fully if you actually know where everything is! Again, you can reach out on Slack for this.

  • We use Github's issues interface to manage our shared to-dos, planned projects and tasks, especially as a followup to votes and ideas from members' meetings. We also use a Github board to run our emerging bounty system, in which Bitcoin bounties for tasks that have been deferred are proposed, voted on, and can then be claimed and completed.

  • We have members' meetings once to twice a month, and this is the best way to truly get the hang of how things are run around here. After three months' membership, you can become a full-fledged voting member.

  • You can host a meetup here in any time slot that is not currently occupied on the dctrl calendar. Please give the group a heads up when you do. If you would like to create a recurring (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) please run it by the active members group first for consensus. Here's how to run a meetup.

Members' responsibilities

  • When you introduce people to the space for the first time, give them a proper "elevator pitch" on our purpose and operations; if you're not super familiar you can just run with the description at the top of this page, or direct them toward our website. The key is to get people excited, and especially to introduce them to projects (3d printer, sidewalk lights, hosting meetups and events) that will draw their interest toward collaboration.
  • Monitor the space for strangers wandering in-- it's much better to ask someone who they are than to worry about seeming rude. In the (somewhat distant) past we had a few thefts from people wandering in off the street, so it's crucial to keep the door locked and maintain vigilance about who's going through.
  • Ask members who have been around longer if anything out of the ordinary arises-- better safe than sorry, so @channel in Slack's #active-members if there seems to be something strange afoot.
  • Try to keep your personal items out of the way, especially once you leave for the day.
  • Do your dishes before leaving for the day, and make sure that if you make coffee or food you clean up after yourself.
  • Are you the last person leaving after 9pm? Top rules: pick up any obvious trash around the space, cover the top of the main trash can, and lock the deadbolt on the front door as you leave. Beyond this, we'd appreciate if you follow the end of night checklist.
  • Is the garbage gross? Here's how to take it out.

Contributing to the space

The greatest contribution you can make to dctrl is expanding our circle of dynamic, excited participants, especially by hosting unique meetups that will bring in more community involvement. It's also always helpful if you can nab free (high quality!) tech equipment for the space or, best of all, donations.

Helping with general cleanup, attending to github issues and fixing things up, and showing up and participating in meetings are all core contributions that are appreciated. This place only works because our dedicated crew puts the work in-- and the outcome and benefits are definitely worth it.

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