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by J. Bromley, S. Mironov, Alexei Rad'kov

xkb-switch is a C++ program that allows to query and change the XKB layout state. Originally ruby-based code written by J.Broomley.

  • XKeyboard.cpp Implementation for XKB query/set class
  • XKbSwitch.cpp Main program
  • XKbSwitchApi.cpp The Vim API bindings

The C++ class has no special dependencies on anything outside of X-related libraries, so it can be easily used with other software.

Xkb-switch is licensed under the GNU GPLv3, see COPYING for details.


Make sure you have package libxkbfile-dev installed.

CMake Hacker wanted: please help me to express this dependency in CMakeLists.txt

To build the program manually, unpack the tarball and cd to source directory, than type the following commands:

    $ mkdir build && cd build
    $ cmake ..
    $ make
    $ sudo make install


$ xkb-switch --help

Usage: xkb-switch -s ARG            Sets current layout group to ARG
       xkb-switch -l|--list         Displays all layout groups
       xkb-switch -h|--help         Displays this message
       xkb-switch -v|--version      Shows version number
       xkb-switch -w|--wait [-p]    Waits for group change and exits
       xkb-switch -W                Infinitely waits for group change
       xkb-switch -n|--next         Switch to the next layout group
       xkb-switch [-p]              Displays current layout group

VIM integration

Xkb-switch goes with a library which can be called from within Vim scripts like this:

    let g:XkbSwitchLib = "/path/to/"
    echo libcall(g:XkbSwitchLib, 'Xkb_Switch_getXkbLayout', '')
    call libcall(g:XkbSwitchLib, 'Xkb_Switch_setXkbLayout', 'us')

See also article in Russian describing complex solution.

Layout groups can help you to manage layout groups. Just run it and send some input at it's stdin every time you want to trigger layouts from primary to secondary and back. For example:

$ us ru
switch # switch from us to ru or from current layout to us
switch # switch from ru to us or from us to ru

(from other terminal)
$ xkb-switch -s de # switch to 'de' layout, change secondary layout to 'de'

(back to terminal running
switch # switch from de to us
switch # switch from us to de

Bugs or Problems

Admittedly, I only tested with a few different layouts that I used. If you find any bugs let me know at Github or

Xkb-switch contains some testing facilities, please include output of `xkb-switch -x' command in the report.



Switch your X keyboard layouts from the command line




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