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An Essay on Start Ups, Innovation and Technology

On-going notes and links are added to this file.

Sample chapters / sections are found by name in this folder.

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Economic Battle of Rust Belt Cities

Core thesis, mixture of original and borrowed thoughts that is poorly cited, working on improving this.

Software eating the world. Automation + reach. Never been more fertile environment for science (Steve Jurvetson), software (Marc Andressen) and mobile (Ben Evans).

Why software?

1: mobile browsers are amazing -- native devs are expensive, but has value. it will never die (C++) -- near-native is real and provides good UI UX

2: mobile adoption -- reach a global audience -- billion of humans who lacked basic non-technical things like running water, toilets, or electricity, or even used a personal computer Windows 95 (the OS / setup that exposed most North Americans to "technology") -- can connect with anyone or any machine on earth via a supercomputer that lives in their pocket. What we phone as "cell phones" in North America they call "computers" in Africa and Asia!!

Why rust belt?

1: unique op's: corporate hollowing means that things created from 0 have extraordinary value. -- inverse of structural unemployment -- inverse of structural unemployment

2: software is very easily created from scratch. -- costs used to be $100k, even $10k to get the machinery. -- now costs are free.
-- this goes both ways: -- consumers have cheaper faster computers -- developers have tools for browsers and mobile

Why Hamilton

1: -- proximity to TO, Waterloo. Good schools and places to live are available.
2: -- Best upside potential, least risk of failure. 3: -- strong diverse base of young who normally wont stay.

Why VC?

1: formulaic 2: community based -- old school lending B2B 2: community based


Draft for Technology on City-wide Economic Growth






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