Simple Gulp file for static frontend website development
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Quasar Gulp Boilerplate

This is a simple boilerplate for Gulp that Generates Source Maps, Auto-Prefixes, Concatenates, Cleans, and Minifys the SCSS into a bundle.min.css file.

NPM Modules

  • Gulp
  • Sass
  • Autoprefixer
  • Concat CSS
  • Clean CSS
  • Imagemin
  • Sourcemaps
  • BrowserSync

Usage Instructions

First you will need to clone the Quasar-Gulp Github Repository in to your existing project folder.

git clone . 

Next Navigate to your project folder that contains the package.json file and run the following command. This command will install all the devDependencies in the package.json file.

npm install --save-dev

The current directory structure that I am using is as follows.

  • assets - Production folder

    • images - Productions images
    • stylesheets - Productions stylesheets
    • javascript - Production Javascript
  • resources - Development Folder

    • images - Uncompressed images
    • scss - SCSS Files
      • app.scss - Master SCSS File for imports
        • scss folder - SCSS Folder
        • scss folder - SCSS Folder
    • stylesheets - Stylesheets that will be combined, cleaned, and compressed
      • app.css
      • reset.css

Next find the following paths in the gulpfile.js file and edit them according to your project's directory structure.

SCSS Files
const resourceInput  = ['resources/scss/**/*.scss', 'resources/scss/**/*_.scss'];
const resourceOutput = 'resources/stylesheets';
SCSS Minfied Output
const minifiedOutput = 'assets/stylesheets';
Development Images
const imageInput = 'resources/images/*';
Compressed Images
const imageOutput = 'assets/images';
HTML File Location

This is the location of the entry point for the BrowserSync gulp plugin.

const htmlLocation = '.';
Gulp Packages Options

You may either keep the current configuration of the Gulp Packages settings or you can change them to the needs of your own project.

Running the Gulpfile

Simply run the following command in your terminal.



  • Imagemin - Compress images Completed: 02 September 2017
  • Browser-Sync - Reload browser on file change Completed: 02 September 2017

Final Notes

If you have an issues, suggestions, or questions please create an issue request or email me at