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Development network with predefined account based on Docker Compose
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Parity Ethereum Private test network based on Docker Compose

You could use this node for test deployment and interacting with smart contracts for demo.

Run parity testnet

Clone the repository docker and run inside the project folder:

$ docker-compose up -d

By default this will create:

  • 1 Ethereum Bootstrapped container

Test accounts are ready for use

All accounts have 1000 Ether on balance

Password: Password12345


  1. 0x9e65c373a97793e8d36cb8316ecbe79940110f90
    Private key: 5182723ba98bc10632156ad481d89a7507c6170312ae901db835a19eeaf147ad

  2. 0x4fc95b48a473f59c83a4aaefaad2a588a865d013

  3. 0x4ca7393cf5575fdefd8402f16920a33870fc9ef0

  4. 0x800ce51198c95280f2627a330e730bc96f704178

  5. 0xf85d84c5ef6dfd25e9a2f23941a93a05b41ffd7d

  6. 0x010e49e47cbb34e67c072702ed6f4d8b273f751f

  7. 0x67efd57c71232438cb405ce8917e259b8d14ea7e

  8. 0x4929d7de115ff73fe19fcf8ace73a2bececc9eb0

  9. 0x07a6aea0328e908140670628d67b6133c121f1c7

  10. 0x81eaf903c952447fd27b11db1604f4da6deda0ed

You could restore account from the keystore and unlock it with a password.
Keystore placed in files/keystore/ directory.

First address (0x9e65c373a97793e8d36cb8316ecbe79940110f90) is used for contracts deployment and this account is owner of contracts by default.

Connect to private network via parity wallet with ui

  1. Run ethereum private node: docker-compose up
  2. Generate new token for ui: sh
  3. Wallet Web UI is available via http://docker-ip:8180 address

Unlock accounts via Parity

  1. No need to unlock account. All accounts are unlocked by default
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