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DAPNET - Decentralized Amateur Paging Network

Decentralized Amateur Paging Network


  1. Core Public

    The DAPNET Core is the core application of DAPNET, responsible for handling transmitter clients, clustering, and providing the REST API.

    Java 33 11

  2. Web Public

    The default DAPNET Web-frontend.

    Vue 18 11

  3. DAPNETApp Public

    Android App for DAPNET

    Java 27 7

  4. DAP4J Public

    Java library for the DAPNET API

    Java 2 3

  5. core-ng Public archive

    DAPNET Core Next Generation

    TeX 6 4

  6. Resources Public

    Additional resources like graphics, etc.

    Perl 3 3


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