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Python Geocoder

Simple and consistent geocoding library written in Python.

Many online providers such as Google & Bing have geocoding services, these providers do not include Python libraries and have different JSON responses between each other.

It can be very difficult sometimes to parse a particular geocoding provider since each one of them have their own JSON schema.

Here is a typical example of retrieving a Lat & Lng from Google using Python, things shouldn't be this hard.

>>> import requests
>>> url = 'https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json'
>>> params = {'sensor': 'false', 'address': 'Mountain View, CA'}
>>> r = requests.get(url, params=params)
>>> results = r.json()['results']
>>> location = results[0]['geometry']['location']
>>> location['lat'], location['lng']
(37.3860517, -122.0838511)

Now lets use Geocoder to do the same task.

>>> import geocoder
>>> g = geocoder.google('Mountain View, CA')
>>> g.latlng
(37.3860517, -122.0838511)



API Overview

Many properties are available once the geocoder object is created.


>>> import geocoder
>>> g = geocoder.google('Mountain View, CA')
>>> g.geojson
>>> g.json
>>> g.wkt
>>> g.osm


>>> g = geocoder.google([45.15, -75.14], method='reverse')
>>> g.city
>>> g.state
>>> g.state_long
>>> g.country
>>> g.country_long

House Addresses

>>> g = geocoder.google("453 Booth Street, Ottawa ON")
>>> g.housenumber
>>> g.postal
>>> g.street
>>> g.street_long

IP Addresses

>>> g = geocoder.ip('')
>>> g = geocoder.ip('me')
>>> g.latlng
>>> g.city

Bounding Box

Accessing the JSON & GeoJSON attributes will be different

>>> g = geocoder.google("Ottawa")
>>> g.bbox
{"northeast": [45.53453, -75.2465979], "southwest": [44.962733, -76.3539158]}

>>> g.geojson['bbox']
[-76.3539158, 44.962733, -75.2465979, 45.53453]

>>> g.southwest
[44.962733, -76.3539158]

Command Line Interface

$ geocode "Ottawa, ON"  >> ottawa.geojson
$ geocode "Ottawa, ON" \
    --provide google \
    --out geojson \
    --method geocode


Provider Optimal Usage Policy
ArcGIS World
Baidu China API key
Bing World API key
CanadaPost Canada API key
FreeGeoIP World
Geocoder.ca CA & US Rate Limit
GeocodeFarm World Policy
GeoNames World Username
GeoOttawa Ottawa
Google World Rate Limit, Policy
HERE World API key
IPInfo World
Mapbox World API key
MapQuest World API key
Mapzen World API key
MaxMind World
OpenCage World API key
OpenStreetMap World Policy
Tamu US API key
TomTom World API key
What3Words World API key
Yahoo World
Yandex Russia
TGOS Taiwan


PyPi Install

To install Geocoder, simply:

$ pip install geocoder

GitHub Install

Installing the latest version from Github:

$ git clone https://github.com/DenisCarriere/geocoder
$ cd geocoder
$ python setup.py install


Speak up on Twitter @DenisCarriere and tell me how you use this Python Geocoder. New updates will be pushed to Twitter Hashtags #python.


Please feel free to give any feedback on this module. If you find any bugs or any enhancements to recommend please send some of your comments/suggestions to the Github Issues Page.