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Package List Gist Backup via ALPM-Hooks
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Keeps a list of installed packages in a Gist at your GitHub account.


1. Download and install:

  • From AUR using an AUR helper:
$ <aur_helper> -S pacmanity

Some popular AUR helpers are yaourt, trizen and yay.

  • From AUR using makepkg:
$ wget -O - | tar xz
$ cd DerekTBrown-pacmanity-*/
$ makepkg -si

2. Setup:

During the installation of the package you will be prompted to log in to your GitHub account.


Once installed, Pacmanity automatically maintains a list of your installed packages in a private Gist at your GitHub account.

The list gets updated every time you install, update or remove packages, keeping track of the current explicitly installed packages from both Arch official repos and AUR. They are listed in the Gist in that particular order (official, then AUR), separated by a blank line.

No hassle: just install Pacmanity, follow the prompts and you are done. A pacman hook will be installed and conveniently run when needed to.


By cloning the Gist file to your fresh Arch installation you can easily bulk-install them:


$ git clone<gist_repo>.git
$ cd <gist_repo>
  • Using pacman to install only official packages:
$ sed -e '/^$/q' $(hostname).pacmanity | sudo pacman -S -
  • Using an AUR helper to install all packages:
$ <aur_helper> -S $(tr '\n' ' ' < $(hostname).pacmanity)
  • Using an AUR helper to install only AUR packages:
$ <aur_helper> -S $(sed -e '/^$/d' $(hostname).pacmanity | tr '\n' ' ')


Navigate to your Gist in GitHub and you will find:

  • List of currently installed packages from official repos: pacman
  • List of currently installed packages from AUR: AUR
  • Every package installation will be automatically added to the Gist: after_installation
  • Every package removal will also be reported in the Gist: after_removal
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