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Lightweight AUR Package Manager
Perl Shell
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trizen is a lightweight wrapper for AUR, written in Perl.

Main features:

  • Installation of packages from AUR
  • Search support for AUR packages
  • Reading AUR comments for packages
  • Updating the installed AUR packages
  • Full AUR dependencies support
  • Built-in interaction with 'pacman'
  • Edit support for text files

It has a syntax similar with pacman:

-S              : installs package
-Ss             : searches for package
-Si             : outputs info for package
-Sm             : outputs the packages maintained by [...]
-Sp             : outputs PKGBUILD only
-Su             : upgrades installed packages
-Sc             : clears the cache directory
-C              : outputs AUR comments only
-G              : download and extract AUR tarball only
-R              : remove packages (see pacman -Rh)
-Q              : for installed packages (see pacman -Qh)
-U              : installs local packages from /tmp or CWD

But it has other options too:

--quiet         : be quiet
--really_quiet  : be really quiet
--force         : set --force argument for makepkg and pacman
--nocolors      : no text colors
--aur           : only AUR packages (for: -S, -Si, -Su, -Ss)
--asdep         : installs package as dependency
--noinstall     : build package only, don't install it
--movepkg       : move the built package to the pacman cache directory
--needed        : don't reinstall up to date packages
--noedit        : do not prompt to edit files
--devel         : update devel packages during -Su
--show_ood      : show out-of-date flagged packages during -Su
--noconfirm     : do not prompt for any confirmation
--skipinteg     : when using makepkg, skip the checksum
--stats         : show some info about the installed packages
--update_config : update configuration file before exit
--movepkg_dir=s : move built packages in this directory (with --movepkg)

And a configuration file which can be found in: ~/.config/trizen/trizen.conf

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