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trizen - Allow the installation of case-insensitive AUR packages.

	trizen -S TriZEn-GiT		# installs trizen-git
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trizen is a lightweight wrapper for AUR, written in Perl.

Main features include:

  • Installation of packages from the AUR
  • Search support for AUR packages
  • Reading AUR comments for packages
  • Upgrade support for AUR packages
  • Recursive resolver of AUR dependencies
  • Built-in interaction with 'pacman'
  • Edit support for text files
  • Input/output UTF-8 support


  • Tagged version:
git clone
cd trizen
makepkg -si
  • -git version:
git clone
cd trizen-git
makepkg -si


Search results

trizen -Ss youtube

Package info

trizen -Si sidef


trizen -h

trizen -Sh


usage: trizen [options] [pkgname] [pkgname] [...]

Main options:

    -S, --sync      : install packages (see: trizen -Sh)
    -C, --comments  : display AUR comments for a package
    -G, --get       : clones a package in the current directory
    -R, --remove    : remove packages from the system (see: pacman -Rh)
    -Q, --query     : query the package database (see: pacman -Qh)
    -F, --files     : query the files database (see: pacman -Fh)
    -D, --database  : operate on the package database (see: pacman -Dh)
    -T, --deptest   : check dependencies (see: pacman -Th)
    -U, --upgrade   : install built packages from '--clone-dir' or `pwd`

Other options:

    -q, --quiet     : do not display any warnings
    -r, --regular   : use only the regular repositories
        --stats     : show stats about the installed packages
        --nocolors  : disable text colors
        --debug     : activate the debug/verbose mode
        --help      : print this message and exit
        --version   : print version and exit

See also:

    trizen -Sh
    trizen -Gh

:: Each configuration key is a valid option when preceded with '--'

Sync options (-S)

usage: trizen {-S --sync} [options] [package(s)]

Main options:

  -s, --search        : search for packages
  -i, --info          : show info for packages
  -m, --maintainer    : show packages maintained by <username>
  -p, --pkgbuild      : show PKGBUILD only
  -l, --local         : build and install packages from `pwd`
  -u, --sysupgrade    : upgrade installed packages
  -y, --refresh       : refresh package databases (with: -u)
  -c, --clean         : clean the cache directory of `trizen` and `pacman`
  -a, --aur           : only AUR operations (with: -c, -u, -s, -i)

Other options:

      --devel         : update VCS packages during -Su
      --show-ood      : show out-of-date flagged packages during -Su
      --noinfo        : do not display package info after cloning
      --nopull        : do not `git pull` new changes
      --noedit        : do not prompt to edit files
      --nobuild       : do not build packages (implies --noedit)
      --noinstall     : do not install packages after building
      --needed        : do not reinstall up-to-date packages
      --asdeps        : install packages as non-explicitly installed
      --asexplicit    : install packages as explicitly installed
      --force         : pass the `--force` argument to `pacman`
      --skipinteg     : pass the `--skipinteg` argument to `makepkg`
      --noconfirm     : do not ask for any confirmation
      --movepkg       : move built packages into pacman's cache directory
      --movepkg-dir=s : move built packages in this directory (implies --movepkg)
      --clone-dir=s   : directory where to clone and build packages
      --editor=s      : editor command used to edit build files
      --ignore=s      : space-separated list of packages to ignore during -Su


    trizen -S  <package>     # install <package>
    trizen -Ss <keyword>     # search for <keyword>
    trizen -Si <package>     # show info about <package>

Get options (-G)

usage: trizen {-G --get} [options] [package(s)]

Main options:

    -d, --with-deps     : clones a package with all needed AUR dependencies


    trizen -G  <package>     # clones <package>
    trizen -Gd <package>     # clones <package> along with its AUR dependencies

A configuration file is automatically generated at: ~/.config/trizen/trizen.conf