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Protocol oriented A* pathfinding algorithm implementation in Swift 5.
Swift Objective-C Shell
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Swift CircleCI

A* (A star) pathfinding algorithm implementation in Swift 5.0 (Playground included) using protocol oriented programming.

Add pathfinding to your graph just by implementing the 3 requirements of the GraphNode protocol.


  • To try the playground open: AStar.xcodeproj
  • Build the framework (command + b)
  • Click on Playground.playground


Swift Package Manager

You can now add this package to your project using SPM 🎉

Using Xcode

Xcode 11 has a new interface to include packages into your existing projects.

  • Click FileSwift PackagesAdd Package Dependency...
  • Search for AStar and select this repository.
  • Follow the on screen instructions


Manualy editing package file

To include it in your package manually, add the following dependency to your Package.swift file.

.package(url: "", .branch("master"))

Use import AStar to access the APIs.

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