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Schedule TestCafe testing tasks

This sample Node.js application will run a TestCafe test task at a specified time and then log the results. The code uses TestCafe continuous integration API and Cron for Node.js.


Before running the application, configure your environment:

  • Download the example;

  • Switch to the directory where you saved it;

  • Install testcafe and cron modules using the following command line:

    npm install

    The testcafe and cron modules will be installed automatically.

  • Open config.json and configure TestCafe settings and Cron Pattern.

Launch the application

Standard command line syntax includes the Node.js executable with the application file as a parameter.

node index.js


After you run the application, your tests will be run in the specified browsers on a schedule. The result of the test run will be saved into the log.txt file. The file will be created automatically if it does not exist.