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DevOps Bootcamp Website & Curriculum

The site is hosted at

This repository has a post-commit hook set up to update the main site every time the master branch is changed. If the site doesn't update within a couple of minutes, the build may have failed. Check that make html doesn't throw any errors in your copy of the repo, and ask someone with admin access on readthedocs to investigate what it reports is broken.

Viewing Slides:

Slides are available on, and rebuild automatically whenever new content is pushed to the master branch of this repo.

The script in scripts/ automatically removes the slides that were built of non-slides content, based on the assumption that the filenames of all actual slides start with the week number.

You can also build the slides locally if you've been editing them and want to see how they'll look before you push, or if you don't have push access to the project:

$ sudo pip install virtualenv
$ git clone
$ cd website
$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate # enter the virtual environment
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

# output lives in build/ and the stuff you want to edit is in source/
# images and things go in source/static/

$ make slides # slides will go to build/slides
$ make html # to preview roughly how it'll look on readthedocs

$ deactivate # leave the virtual environment


Check out our list of contributors to see who's worked on the DOBC curriculum.


First iteration of our web site will live on readthedocs...







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