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Help, connect and inspire!

DevelopersRising is an open source organization dedicated to help developers realize their goals, connect companies with potential hires, and fascilitate growth for all kinds of programmers.

Aspiring And Professional Developers

We help both aspiring and experienced developers.

Here's how we can help you.

Hobbyist Developers And Programmers

We help hobbyist developers of all kinds.

Here's how we can help you.

Company Hiring

We help companies connect with developers.

Here's how we can help you.

Table of contents

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Public Appearance

Helping Developers

Our current focus for helping developers is centered around our meetups. A meetup is an event, usually happening monthly on evenings during weekdays. Join a meetup to watch live talks, get inspired, connect with like-minded learners and companies looking to hire, or to socialize in a casual setting.

Our talks are centered around programming and related topics, and given by members in the community - from beginners to seasoned veterans. Feel free to approach us if you are interesting in giving a talk.

Check out our meetups...

Helping Companies

Our current focus for helping companies is to provide the opportunity to get together with potential new employees or customers at one our are many meetups.

By sponsoring an event you get the ability to give a talk to our attendees presenting your company and/or available positions, connect with developers of varying experience levels, and schedule follow-up talks with candidates.

Check out our meetups...


Our Goals

Our goals are to provide a free and meaningful experience to every human being hungry for learning, sharing and socializing. we aim to give the chance for those who can't afford it the possibility to learn and evolove.


Here are some of the things we've accomplished:

  • 1000+ Meetup Members
  • 20+ Successful Free Meetups
  • 20+ Awesome Speakers
  • 5+ Sponsors And Partners Involved
  • 4+ Active Open Source Repos
  • Founded 3 Meetup Groups

Our Program


Organizer Team

The Verein is organized by Daniel Deutsch and Robert Axelsen.

For feedback, questions or suggestions get in contact with

You can also open an issue and mention one of us. 😄


The content of this repository bound by the BSD-3-Clause.

Copyright (c) 2017 DevelopersRising.