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MP3 music player in Delphi for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux


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MP3 music player developed in Delphi as a FireMonkey project for deployment to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Allows to read MP3 files from a catalog managed as file tree or from an external source.

This code repository contains a project developed in Object Pascal language under Delphi. You don't know what Delphi is and where to download it ? You'll learn more on this web site.


To download this project you better should use "git" command but you also can download a ZIP from its GitHub repository.

Warning : if the project has submodules dependencies they wont be in the ZIP file. You'll have to download them manually.


This project depends on :

How to ask a new feature, report a bug or a security issue ?

If you want an answer from the project owner the best way to ask for a new feature or report a bug is to go to the GitHub repository and open a new issue.

If you found a security issue please don't report it publicly before a patch is available. Explain the case by sending a private message to the author.

You also can fork the repository and contribute by submitting pull requests if you want to help. Please read the file.

Dual licensing model

This project is distributed under AGPL 3.0 or later license.

If you want to use it or a part of it in your projects but don't want to share the sources or don't want to distribute your project under the same license you can buy the right to use it under the Apache License 2.0 or a dedicated license (contact the author to explain your needs).

Support the project and its author

If you think this project is useful and want to support it, please make a donation to its author. It will help to maintain the code and binaries.

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