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Lanflix is a Netflix like application for your LAN. It is developed by the Devvit community.


This is a learning and teaching project, it is a place for aspiring developers to practice their skills with like-minded people in an environment that is closer to the real world. The wide range of experience may result in some suboptimal code and some weird technology choices, but we try to make every decision as transparent as possible.


To contribute to the project please take a look at the open issues and if you find something you want to implement let us know in the issue. To prevent conflicts please let us know before you start fixing an issue. There may also be some issues where additional clarification regarding its requirements is needed. After your implementation is complete, please submit a Pull Request (PR, How to PR?) and one of our other members will review and merge it into the project. Most issues should be labelled with the experience level and some additional information.

If you need help with an issue or something else please let us know either on Github or Discord. We are happy for outside contributors, but we would like you to join the devvit community

Features for Version 1.0

For a more detailed look of the features and their status please take a look at theissues and the project documentation [1,2]

  • Manage your library of movies and tv series

  • Categorizes, label and rate your library

  • Search through your library

  • Watch your files in the browser

  • Allow for differnt profiles

  • Extend the video's information from a third party API

  • Admin panel

Additional documentation

How to run the project?


MongoDB & MongooseJS

Routes & Controllers