Sublime Text theme inspired by autumn colors
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Autumn - Birch
Autumn - Tolopea
Theme - Classic
Autumn - Birch.sublime-theme
Autumn - Lavender Magenta.styluscheme
Autumn - Lavender Magenta.tmTheme
Autumn - Peach Orange.styluscheme
Autumn - Peach Orange.tmTheme
Autumn - Tea Rose.styluscheme
Autumn - Tea Rose.tmTheme
Autumn - Tolopea.sublime-theme
Autumn - Turbo.styluscheme
Autumn - Turbo.tmTheme
Widget - Autumn - Birch.sublime-settings
Widget - Autumn - Tolopea.sublime-settings
Widget - Autumn.stTheme
Widget - Autumn.sublime-settings

Theme - Autumn

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This is a theme and color schemes inspired by autumn colors. It was made with the help of Flatland. It use the Default theme before Sublime Text build 3143, thanks to its creators for allowing me to use it.




Like others packages there are several ways to install it.

  1. Via Package Control
Open "Package Control (Command-Shift-P) and through the option: **Package Control:Install Package** search for 'Theme - Autumn'. Hit enter to install it.
  1. Via GitHub
Clone the repo directly into the Sublime packages directory. That folder appear through the Sublime Menu option: **Preferences > Browse Packages** 

git clone
  1. Via manual
3.1. [Download theme files](

3.2. Unzip the files. Copy the folder into the Sublime packages directory. Change the folder name to `Theme - Autumn`.

Activating one of the themes & options

Include the following in the Sublime user settings file. That file appear through the Sublime Menu option: Preferences > Settings - User"

  "theme": "Autumn.sublime-theme",
  // "theme": "Autumn - Tolopea.sublime-theme",
  // "theme": "Autumn - Birch.sublime-theme",
  "color_scheme": "Packages/Theme - Autumn/Autumn - Peach Orange.tmTheme"

  //options - See screenshot to see the different options 

  "theme_autumn_flat_buttons": true,
  "theme_autumn_orange_folders": true,
  // "theme_autumn_gray_folders": true,
  // "theme_autumn_rose_folders": true,
  "theme_autumn_roboto_font": true, // You need to install Roboto Font and Roboto Font Medium 

Another options to activate the theme are:

  • Using the Preferences menu option and click: Theme...
  • Press Ctrl/⌘ + ⇧ + P to open Command Palette, and search for UI:Select Theme

Color schemes

You can activate one of twelve (12) color schemes from 3 different background colors

The name of them came from Name that Color or Color Name & Hue. Thanks to its creators

Customizing color schemes

To facilitate changes to the color schemes I have added the .styluscheme files used to generate the color schemes. To do this, make use of PackageResourceViewer to extract this package and CSScheme to generate the color schemes(.tmTheme files). Thanks to its creators

File Icons

If you want to add icons to the different files install A File Icon


Note about Sublime Text 3 (Build 3143+)

Because this theme was referencing images in the Theme - Default that no longer exist I have included the classic Sublime Default theme inside this theme. See this post to get more information.

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Thanks :)


This package is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License