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Groovy In Action

Source code of the book Groovy in Action, 2nd edition (manning, amazon)

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All source code is free for everybody's use under the Apache 2 license.

If you want to do us a favor in return, please give this repo a "star" such that we can get at least a feeling of how many developers are using it. Thanks!


  • Java 1.7 or higher
  • Groovy 2.4.1 or higher


One can run all listings by calling

groovy alltests

However, since some listings rely on external constraints like special versions of the JVM (e.g. to test Groovy features for Java 8) or OS-specific integration features, some listings may be excluded from execution.

Listings are usually made such that you can cd into the directory for that chapter and call the listing via

groovy mylistingname

If no other instructions apply, you best use Groovy 2.4.1 and Java 7. More recent versions will also work in most cases.

There are code adaptions to Java 8. Please use the Java_8 branch if you rely on those.

Keep groovin'

The authors