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Apache Groovy is a Java-syntax-compatible object-oriented programming language for the Java platform. It is both a static and dynamic language with features similar to those of Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk. It can be used as both a programming language and a scripting language for the Java Platform, is compiled to Java virtual machine (JVM) bytecode, and interoperates seamlessly with other Java code and libraries.

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eric-milles commented Feb 18, 2019

Consider the following:

void meth(Closure closure) {

When invoking content assist (Ctrl+Space) at |, the methods and properties of groovy.lang.Closure are very low in the list of proposals. This is due to very-well-known type adjustments made within org.codehaus.groovy.eclipse.codeassist.proposals.AbstractGroovyProposal.getRelevanceClass().

freudi74 commented Oct 9, 2019

I'm trying to clone/checkout a git repository using grgit, that has submodules.
Using git from commandline that can be done using:
git clone --recurse-submodules
There seem to be no way to do that with grgit, or am I missing something?
JGit seem to have a setCloneSubmodules(boolean) method in the CloneCommand class. Can support to use that be added to grgit?

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